Life by Linda is an ongoing journey and passion to share and capture special moments in time.



Thank you for taking the time to check out my website.  Well what can I say about myself?...

My dad was the one who sparked my interest in photography at an extremely young age. Looking back on family photos I’m guessing by the time I was in high school I had taken on the role as the family photography because miraculously there was dad in all the photos, but barely any of me! I was always the art student in the dark room during recess and lunch and went on to study photography (instead of accounting can you believe). One of my proudest moments was my first exhibition with my fellow students and then having the honour of receiving top marks of my graduating class. From there i worked in the post production side of the industry, in photographic labs and upper management. This gave me valued insight into the industry, other photographers and most importantly manufacturing of finished art.

I married my soul mate in between the oak trees at the beautiful Stones of the Yarra Valley on a windy October day and continued the celebrations by taking pictures with our dog at our park, Lilydale Lake, followed by many cheers at Helens Hill winery. I think this was a huge turning point for my wedding photography as I learnt what it was really like being a bride from the other side of the lens.

Then came Ethan, my miracle boy who made my heart sing, and my camera go into melt down! Every day looking into his blue eyes inspires me to catch all those fleeting moment. It was then i developed a true love of family portraiture as becoming a mum has changed the way i see the world.

And lastly i am a HUGE sweet tooth! I love any and all chocolate especially mars bar cake and my beverage of choice is a creamy mocha. So how about we get together over a cuppa and cake and tell me all about your story and how best to share and capture those memories.

See you soon!

 XO Linda